Scholarships in Europe for Non-EU International Students Should Grab Now

Scholarships in Europe for Non-EU International Students

I was wondering there are any updates in Europe for students to grab and explore their great moments. Luckily, I finally came across this scholarship in Europe for Non-EU international studies. Yes, it could be extremely difficult to secure a scholarship especially when it comes to international scholarship offers.

Today am sharing with you all, I mean all of my none EU students this is for and I hope it will definitely favour you. EU governments believe there are always creative minds outside their territory. But for them to drag that attention there is either they abduct one or two to do that. Meanwhile offering scholarships is one of this stragedy.

So where are you from? In this post, no matter your country you can grip this scholarship from the EU government. If you have been looking for one here am going to list top scholarships which will put smiles on your face.

Before I hit the main point, let me note two scholarships that will be listed on this page. Importantly for you, all might be seeking scholars from Europe Universities or the government. They are Scholarships from the EU government and ones from EU universities. If you don’t, why many are looking for European scholarship is because they are one of the best on the Continent and consists of 50 Countries in Europe.

Meanwhile as of march are a list of the best scholarships in Europe I can also refer you all to. Although the one is listing below is mainly for students that reside outside European countries as the government made it possible. I will be listing two scholarships from the European government while the others come from the universities.

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Europe Government Scholarships For Non-EU Students

Holland Scholarship: Yes, there is this ongoing scholarship from Holland and if you are not a citizen or not a student from there then you can apply for it. It’s a none EU offer and all students from different countries can benefit from it. The only thing you need right is to apply for it through the official website. This Scholarship is from the government, not from the university itself.

Danish Government Scholarships: Denmark! sure there is a big benefit coming from this Danish government and if you are a student from another side of the world the good news is that you are not exceptional. What the government is looking for is those who can, those who are capable to get it. Every year Danish Ministry of Education endeavors to give students chances to study abroad, just on their platform. 2021 can’t be left behind although the offer has to continue.

The Europe Universities

If there are other European university scholarship you know that is currently ongoing after the one is going to list below, please share them through the comment section. As for owning my list, below are top European Scholarships you can apply for if you are a student looking for an international scholar.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships: This is a Netherlands university scholarship for everyone who is studying or wants to study as an international student. This Scholarship such free but you enjoy it to the fullest. Why I said it’s not free is because it comes in the form of the following: €10,000 of the tuition fee, €15,000 of the tuition fee, or the total tuition fee minus the home fee. All you need to do is visit the official site for more details.

Lund University Global Scholarships: I was able to find this Scholarship from Sweden university. It’s another available Scholarship meant for Non-EU students to enjoy. Why I love the Lund university Scholarship is simply because they are always willing to help. Particularly in providing sold offers for students from other countries. Meanwhile, the scholarship is still on and you can apply through online admission then you can get access to their LExS scholarship on the scholarship section and upload your letter of motivation for the LExS scholarship.

Emile Boutmy Scholarships: International Students  that wants scholarship from France, am fully glad to list Emile Boutmy Scholarship. It a great international offer you can apply online and get admitted only if you are qualify. This offer is coming from sciences Po, from France. If you are a science student and you looking for Scholarship of this nature, then Emile Boutmy is giving you this chance to grab it. Also, the main aim of this Scholarship is attract non-EU. According to information shared from the university, Emile enable the Scholarship in other to get non-EU students. Apply, all you need to do is visit their official site and for the procedures.

University of Oulu International Scholarships 
The University of Oulu International Scholarship Scheme provides scholarships to academically talented international students studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the University of Oulu. The scholarships will be granted in the form of a tuition fee waiver covering 50% or 75% or 100% of the tuition fee.

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